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Anzac biscuits (WWI)

24 Apr 2015

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Where can I find information about Anzac biscuits? Where can I find recipes for Anzac biscuits?

LEVEL: Primary / Intermediate

Anzac biscuits are an important part of Anzac Day (25th April) when we remember New Zealanders who have served in wars. The biscuits have come to represent the food rations that the first ANZACs ate at Gallipoli in 1915. The Anzac biscuits we know today have come along way from the original 'hard tack' and rolled oat biscuits that were eaten in World War One.

A great place to find out information is the government's website about Anzac Day. To find the right place, choose 'significance of Anzac Day' from the option along the top of the homepage. Then choose 'traditions and rituals' from the left side and scroll down the page to find the section on Anzac biscuits.

HOT TIP: We like this site because it is reliable. You can tell because of its web address - it is a .govt meaning it has been created by the New Zealand government. 

The National Army Museum at Waiouru is a museum all about the history of New Zealand's army, and their website has information about Anzac biscuits. To find it first choose 'Kiwis at War' from the left-hand side. Next, select the 'Did you know?' section - this will bring you to a list of articles. The biscuit article is about two thirds of the way down this list.

There are many different recipes for Anzac biscuits. We found this article on the Australian War Memorial (AWM) website which contains historic recipes. The AWM is a famous museum, so we can trust the information on its website. This article can be found in the 'Encyclopedia' area - the link to this is right down at the bottom of the homepage. Anzac biscuits feature in the 'A' section and the link to the recipes themselves is in the 'more about' section.

We typed the keywords 'anzac biscuit recipe' into the search box in Google. Lots of results come up - they are obviously very popular biscuits! All the recipes vary slighty but we like the look of the New Zealand Women's Weekly version and also Annabel Langbein's.

HOT TIP: Most of the websites with modern recipes are commercial sites. The recipes are yummy but the websites' primary objectives are to sell or promote a product or business.

HOT TIP: Another place to look is Wikipedia which has coverage of many topics, including a general overview of Anzac biscuits. Remember that you need to be aware that this website is contributed by lots of different people. If you are using Wikipedia, it always pays to check the information against other websites or in books from the library.

You may also be interested in our entries on Anzac Day and Gallipoli.

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