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Anzac Day Poppy (WWI)

09 Apr 2015

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History, Society and culture

Why do we sell poppies on Anzac Day?

LEVEL: Intermediate

Anzac Day is an important national holiday when New Zealanders remember those who have fought in wars. Initially Anzac Day commemorated the Gallipoli campaign, but now those who served in all wars that New Zealand has been involved in are remembered. To show we are remembering we wear a poppy badge

There are some really good websites that can help us to understand why we wear poppies in the lead up to Anzac Day and on the day itself. NZHistory is a good place to start. To find the information, select 'New Zealand at war' from the three links under the main introduction and then select the 'First World War' section. Scroll down the page until you find the 'commemoration' area, choose the 'Anzac Day' option. In the list on the right is an article all about the red poppy.

HOT TIP: We like this site because it's reliable. You can tell this because it has information on it saying it is a government website from the Ministry of Culture and Heritage. It's also a New Zealand site, so relevant for us. 

The Returned and Services Assocation's (RSA) website is another good source of information. They are a community organisation working hard to help with issues affecting war veterans. Select 'remembrance' from the options along the top, and then choose Poppy Day. There are two interesting links from this page - one takes you to a history of the poppy and the other takes you to a history of the poppy appeal which raises funds for veterans.

If you want to find out about the poppy in a different county take a look at the United Kingdom's Royal British Legion's website. They are the British equivalent of the RSA. Hover over the link to 'remembrance' along the top of the page and select 'the story of the poppy' in the how the nation remembers section.

HOT TIP: We like these sites because they’re from reputable organisations. You can tell this by their web address – they have .org in their address.

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