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Buddhism - signs and symbols

18 May 2012

Our Subjects / Ā Mātou Kaupapa:
Society and culture

What is the sign for the Buddhist religion?

Level: Primary/Intermediate

There are lots of different signs and symbols associated with the Buddhist religion. To find out about them we did a Google search for "Buddhist symbols", but because there were so many complicated results, we changed our search to "Buddhist symbols for kids" to find something easier to read.

HOT TIP: When searching Google, if you put speech marks ” ” or ‘ ‘ around your search term, Google will search for it as a phrase.  Very handy if you’re looking for something in particular and you know the words will be in that order.

We found this really great site called Woodlands Junior School that has heaps of information about different things. We clicked on Homework Help, then Religion, then we choose Buddhism, which led us to this page called Buddhism for Children. It explains a lot about Buddhism. It also answers the question What are the symbols of Buddhism? and includes pictures to show you what the symbols look like.

For more detailed information about Buddhism we really like the BBC's Religion website, because we know we can trust it. Look at the drop down menu called Religion Finder and choose Buddhism, then click Go. From here you can read more about the religion of Buddhism.

If you want to know more about different religions, check out our ManyAnswers entry on Religions.

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