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Choosing a career

25 Aug 2016

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How can I find out more about choosing a career?

LEVEL: Intermediate / Secondary

When thinking about a career, it's a good idea to talk to a parent, caregiver, teacher, or careers advisor at school. Doing some research yourself is great too!

The best place to start is a New Zealand government site called Careers NZ. This website has lots of information, advice, and tools to help you with career questions, and because it's a government site, we can trust the information.

Not sure what job you'd like? From the Career NZ homepage, we clicked on Courses. If you scroll down the page you'll see a section titled: Still at School? This section contains a heading which says: Step-by-step guide to choosing school subjects. T By scrolling down the page we found lots of useful advice about how to choose school subjects, as well as a great Subject matcher tool, which takes the subjects you're interested in and comes up with suggestions for jobs you might like.

To find information about specific jobs, we clicked on the Jobs database heading near the top of the homepage. From there you can search for jobs or browse jobs. For example, we decided to type "librarian" into the jobs database searchbox, and found the Librarian entry, which tells us the qualifications we need, how much it pays, and also how hard it is to find this kind of job.

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