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Countries of the World

03 Jul 2014

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Where can I find information about the different countries in the world? How many countries are there?

LEVEL: Primary / Intermediate

There are lots of websites aimed at kids about countries. Most of them outline information such as population, capital cities, culture, traditions, currency and food. One of our favourite kid-friendly sites is Factmonster. It has a great Countries of the World page that has all this information and more about each country. Factmonster also has an excellent answer to the 'how many countries' question. Just type the question in the search box and look at the first two results.

Check out the National Library's High Interest Topics page on Countries of the World as well. Here you'll find lots of great links to websites such as National Geographic Kids and the EPIC databases where you can find out almost everything you ever wanted to know about countries! In EPIC, take a look at Student Resources in Context, Britannica School and Britannica School Primary.

HOT TIP: To get to the EPIC databases you will need a password from your school librarian first. Or, you can log on to between 1 and 6pm Monday to Friday, and one of the librarians can help you online.

HOT TIP: The National Library’s Services to Schools website has a page of High Interest Topics. Here you can find lists of reliable websites on many topics, including countries of the world. The most recent topics are at the top of the page, or you can browse through an alphabetical list of all the topics that have been published.

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Samantha, Kilbirnie

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nooroa, opononi area school

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