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Olympic Games: London 2012

28 Jun 2012

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Society and culture, Sport

Where can I find information on the 2012 London Olympic Games?

Level: Intermediate / Secondary

The Olympic Games are held every four years. This year's Olympic Games are being held in the city of London

We think the best place to start looking is the official website for the games, London 2012. This website has lots of info on all aspects of the 2012 Olympic Games: a schedule of events, torch relay, latest news and updates, heritage of the games, park venues and more. It also offers more in-depth information on background subjects such as advertising, infrastructure, sustainability and funding.

Another website that has current reliable info is the official website of the Olympic Movement. We like the way this website lets you follow individual athletes, find info on participating countries, and follow events as they happen, like following the Olympic torch relay.

You can find info about New Zealand's participation in the 2012 London Olympics at the New Zealand Olympic Team website.  If you are looking for information about New Zealand Olympic Athletes click on the Athletes entry, near the top left of the page, just under the Olympic symbol. From there, we could scroll down to click on athletes' individual profiles, or use the search box (where it says "Enter Name or Olympian No") to search for specific athletes.

News websites are another good way to find information on the 2012 Olympic Games. The BBC website is a good source for current news, especially in the United Kingdom. Try typing the search words 2012 London Olympics in the search box. You will see some 'editor's choice' results first, then current news items.

HOT TIP: You can also search for news on Google. Enter your search words into Google and then click on the hyperlink to News at the top of the page. They will be ranked with the most recent news stories at the top. For New Zealand stories, choose 'pages from New Zealand' from the column on the left hand side of your results.

HOT TIP: The National Library's Services to Schools website has a page of High Interest Topics. Here you can find lists of reliable websites on many topics, including the 2012 London Olympic Games. The most recent topics are at the top of the page, or you can browse through an alphabetical list of all the topics that have been published.

HOT TIP: For more information on this history of the Olympics and past Olympic Games, see our  other ManyAnswers entries on the Olympics.

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