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Paralympic Games

04 Sep 2012

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Where can I find information on the Paralympics?

Level: Primary

The Paralympics are held once every four years, just like the Olympics and start two weeks after the Olympic Games have finished. The 2012 Paralympics are being held in London and are using most of the Olympic venues. 

The best place to start looking is the  official website of London 2012 Paralympics. This website has information on all aspects of the Paralympics: the sports, participating countries, venues, athletes, schedule of events, results and a lot more.  If you want to find out when the first Paralympic Games were, we reccommend the official website of the Olympic Movement which has a section on the Paralympic Games and how they began.

HOT TIP: News websites are another good way to find information on the 2012 Paralympics.  The BBC website has up to date coverage, click on the Sport tab, then the Paralympics tab.  As well as news coverage the BBC also has good general information on the Paralympics

If you just want to follow our New Zealand team we reccommend Paralympics New Zealand.  It has a list of our athletes with regular updates on their progress. It also has  general information on the 2012 Paralympics.

HOT TIP:  For information on the 2012 Paralympic Games and how they are related to the Olympic Games, see our other ManyAnswers entries on the Paralympics and the Olympics.

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