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Rugby Sevens

03 Sep 2015

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How is Rugby Sevens different from Rugby Union?

LEVEL: Intermediate / Secondary

Rugby Sevens is different from Rugby Union as there are only 7 players on the field instead of 15. There are a few other differences as well, but the rules are mostly the same. The game is shorter and faster - tournaments often being played over a weekend.

If you want recent information on sport in New Zealand, a good place to go is TVNZ Sport. Click on the magnifying glass in the right hand corner of the screen and a search box will appear. Here you can type in the keywords 'Rugby Sevens' to get the latest information on your topic.

HOT TIP: Another place to look is Wikipedia which has great coverage of many topics, including Rugby Sevens. Here you will find information on how to play the game and the variations between RugbySevens and Rugby Union etc. But you need to be aware that this information is contributed by lots of different people. If you are using this site, it always pays to check the information against that on other sites or in books from the library.

The HBSC Rugby World Sevens series is very popular, with each season having 10 tournaments held in different countries around the World. If you go to this website you will find lots of information about this tournament and links to other related pages and sites - including the Women's Sevens Series and other Rugby events.

HOT TIP: Many web pages have links to further information or to other recommended sites. Following these links is a great way to find out more. This searching method is called "pearl growing" because you are picking up pieces of sand to make a beautiful pearl!

Just remember to check out each site, looking for clues that the information is trustworthy. These include web addresses with .org or .gov. or .ac in them, which indicate government or educational sites. You can also click on any 'About Us' links you can find: this will tell you more about who has provided the information.

To find out more about the rules of the game we did a search on Deeper Web. By using the keywords 'Rugby Sevens rules' we were led to the website RugbyHow. This site focuses on the rules of Rugby, including Sevens.

Deeper Web is a search engine a bit like Google, but it suggests search words which can help us find better results. It also organses our results into groups so they are easy to look through.

If you are interested in Rugby Union, check out Rugby World Cup 2015 and Rugby World Cup (history).

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