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Rugby World Cup (history)

09 Dec 2014

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Where can I find information on the Rugby World Cup? Where was the first Rugby World Cup held?

LEVEL: Intermediate

The Rugby World Cup is a competition between nations in which they play rugby union and compete for the Webb Ellis Cup. The competition is held every four years, with the next being hosted by England in 2015.

Rugby Football History has a great page about the Rugby World Cup history. On this page you can read a short history (and it gives you a link to read the full story), find out how many tournaments there have been so far, or view an easy to understand table with the year, venue, scores and more. Continue down the page and read about the famous whistle! To find out more on each individual tournament click on the year near the top of the page. You will get info such as all the results for the pool competition, semi-finals and finals, and even find out who played in them.

Another site we like to use is NZHistory. Check out the page about the All Blacks and the first Rugby World Cup. It is only a few paragraphs long but it is easy to understand, and at the bottom of the page are links to read more related articles on the NZHistory site. To find other rugby info click on the tab Topics, then Topics A-Z, and go to R.  Scroll down to Rugby to go to a page with a timeline of major events in New Zealand rugby history, plus photos, posters, and biographies of players.

NZHistory is a great website for information about New Zealand Aotearoa. If we go all the way down the page we can see that the website belongs to the New Zealand Ministry for Culture & Heritage, so the information is well-researched and reliable.

HOT TIP: Another place to look is Wikipedia which has great coverage of many topics, including the History of the Rugby World Cup. But you need to be aware that this information is contributed by lots of different people. If you are using this site, it always pays to check the information against that on other sites or in books from the library.

You might like to check out our other entries about rugby.

You can also go to the official RWC site and look for the tab on History

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