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Sir Murray Halberg (1933 - )

17 Jul 2015

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Where can I find information about Murray Halberg? What are some of his achievements?

LEVEL: Intermediate

Murray Halberg (1933 - ) was a prominent New Zealand athlete competing during the 1950s and early 1960s, including the Olympic Games in Melbourne 1956, Rome 1960 and Tokyo 1964. Having retired from competitive athletics he became heavily involved in the welfare of disabled chldren and established the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation. 

A good place to start looking for information on any well known Olympic athlete is the official website of the New Zealand Olympic team. You will find a profile of Murray Halberg which gives some information on him as well as the results from both the Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games he took part in. 

Another recommended site to visit for any New Zealand information is Te Ara: the Encyclopedia of New ZealandIf we scroll down to the bottom of the page we can see that this website belongs to the Ministry for Culture & Heritage, so the information is well-researched and reliable. Use the search box and enter the key words 'Murray Halberg'; in addition to the 'stories' which will appear as a result of your search, do use the links which you will see to the left of the page, in particular the one to the 1966 Encyclopedia

Please note: the 1966 version of Te Ara has not been updated and corrected since 1966 and the values and information in it reflect the views of the time.

For a wider look at New Zealand resources we would suggest using DigitalNZThis search site focuses on New Zealand history and brings together results from lots of different websites. Enter the keywords 'Murray Halberg' into the search box. It’s an easy way of searching online resources from New Zealand libraries, museums, universities and government sites all at once, and has lots of primary sources. The results are grouped by the type of information, like images, videos, newspapers, articles and research papers, and this will be a good resource to use to check out information in other than print format. Have a look at the images page. 

If you want to widen your search we recommend that you use one of our alternative search engines, SafeSearch or Carrot2; once again use the search box and enter the keywords 'Murray Halberg':

  • SafeSearch - results will look similar to a Google search, but adult content has been filtered out and you can also choose to just see New Zealand content. 
  • Carrot2 - you will find that the results do give you an option to limit your search; this could be useful if you wanted to concentrate on Murray Halberg the person, and not the Halberg Awards.

HOT TIP: When using either of the above resources, if you put speech marks ” ” or ‘ ‘ around your search term, it will be searched for as a phrase.  Very handy if you’re looking for something in particular and you know the words will be in that order. Also do remember to check out each site, looking for clues that the information is trustworthy. These include web addresses with .org or .gov or .ac in them, which indicate government or educational sites. 

In addition to his athletics' achievements, Murray Halberg is not only associated with the Halberg Awards, New Zealand's main event to celebrate this country's sporting excellence, but also the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation, which aims to bring sport participation to physically disabled New Zealanders. 

If you need further information on the topic of New Zealand athletes and athletics we have a number of relevant articles on ManyAnswers.

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