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22 Apr 2014

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Can you help me choose a speech topic? How do I write a speech?

LEVEL: Intermediate / Secondary

We've been asked a lot of questions both here on ManyAnswers and at our sister site AnyQuestions about speeches: help to choose a topic; help writing it; how to stop being nervous... 

Choosing a speech topic can be the hard part. A lot of it depends on what your teacher wants you to do. If you're allowed to choose your own topic, it's best to find something you're really interested in then you can speak more enthusiastically to your audience.

For some ideas, try these searches on Google: 'speech topics for school', 'primary school speech topics'. We're sure you can think of some more after exploring these options.

HOT TIP: You may get Wiki or Yahoo!Answers in your search results. It’s best to avoid these sites, as anyone can put any answers there, and the information isn’t checked.

We liked these two results:

If you need help finding information about your speech topic, have a look here on ManyAnswers, or log on to AnyQuestions between 1 - 6pm, Monday to Friday - our librarians can help.

If you need help writing it, go to Factmonster and choose the Homework Center tab. Then click on Speaking and listening to find some tips on writing speeches.

Also, check out the BBC's Bitesize English pages on Writing a speech and Speaking skills - this also covers 'getting over nerves'.

HOT TIP: Websites that have .com or .co in the address can have good information, but you need to assess how reliable it is. Check the ‘about us’ link on the website, if you can find one. That can tell you what the company’s mission and values are.

NCEA students, don't forget to check out StudyIt - the Ministry of Education has provided this website to help you achieve great results. Choose your subject English, then your level and look for a heading to do with oral presentation.

Good luck!

Every year since yr4 we've had to do a speech. its really scary the first couple of times but i think its really good that we do them because speaking in public is a good skill to have.
Abby, Clyde Quay School

logan, st josphes

school is better in new zealand than south africa
gervan, jordaan

Speeches are great, my best one was on my cat called William :)
Hayden, Voice

Speeches make me really nervous because I get stage fright
Alex HB, PHS

My friend jackob made a speech on training, it was really good!! :)
ryan, clasper

i like speech
gerald cristobal, PHS

amani, glenbrook

Gerald inspired me about life and this is how i got my excellence work☺
Gervan, Jordaan, PHS

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