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The Jackson 5 (band)

22 Apr 2016

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Where can I find information about the Jackson 5?

LEVEL: Intermediate

The Jackson 5 were an American musical group consisting of five brothers Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael Jackson. The Jackson 5 first found success working for Motown Records, with Motown Records producing the group's early music. The Jackson 5's first single 'I want you back' was number one in the charts and they continued this success with two further number ones, with the songs 'ABC' and 'The love you save'. They were instant celebrities, and they continued their success with other musical hits and performances. 

A good place to start our search is with the EPIC database collection, as it contains a number of different resources. EPIC is a set of educational websites that are freely available to all registered New Zealand schools and some public libraries.

Biography in Context is a good database to search for information on the Jackson 5:

  • When searching the database we will need to try both the keywords Jackson Five and Jackson 5 because difference keywords can give different results
  • The keyword search Jackson 5 provides a number of useful results, and the article titled Jackson 5 is a good starting point. 

HOT TIP: To get to the EPIC databases you will need a password from your school librarian first. Or, you can log on to between 1 and 6pm Monday to Friday, and one of the librarians can help you online. Some EPIC databases may also be available through your public library. is a good place to find out more about any of the Jackson 5

  • For this site, we can use the same keywords we used previously, Jackson 5 and Jackson Five:
  • The section on the Jackson 5 has both video and text, and can be viewed as a series of entries.

The keyword search also brings up the biographies of Jackie JacksonTito JacksonJermaine JacksonMarlon Jackson, and Michael Jackson. These biographies may be useful for answering the question and also could be used as keywords. 

HOT TIP: Search words, or keywords, are the most important words in our question. Usually it’s better to leave out small words like ‘the’, ‘a’ and ‘of’ and just choose the main ones, e.g.. [topic word]. We can always change our keywords or add more if we need to.

We can also do a search on the DeeperWeb using the keywords Jackson five and Jackson 5 (both keyword searches on this search engine provided very similar results). The search gave us the official Jackson 5 club website which is most likely to have information and links unavailable anywhere else. When looking for info on a person we always recommend trying to find their official website first, as the information is likely to be more accurate than fan sites. 

We also found the Jackson 5 page from the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame, a well respected music museum in America.

HOT TIP: We like DeeperWeb because the ‘tag cloud’ on the right suggests search words that will help ‘build’ a search. We can also use it to narrow our results to educational resources or to sites with .org or .govt in the website address.

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