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The Olympic Symbols

13 Jul 2012

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Where can I find information about the meaning of the Olympic symbols?

LEVEL: Primary/Intermediate

The Olympic symbols are used by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to promote the Games. While the rings, the flags, the flame and the torch relay remain very much the same for each Olympic Games, the mascots are usually developed and marketed specifically for each event.

A good place to start with a topic like this, is with one of the online encyclopedias. Wikipedia provides good overviews of such topics and is especially useful because of the references and additional links given at the end of each article; there is also has some good information detailing the Olympic mascots.

HOT TIP: If you use Wikipedia to answer this question be aware that the information is contributed by lots of different people; it always pays to check the information against that on other sites or in books from the library.

We would also recommend a look at the official website of the Olympic Movement which includes the Olympic museum. Once you have this site open,  hold the cursor over the ‘Quick References’ box; this opens links to more options one of which is ‘symbols mascots and more’ (Note – this can take a moment or two to load). The Olympic Museum also has a detailed account of the Olympic Symbols.

To see a range of pictures/images of the Olympic symbols and mascots have a look at Google images; you may like to narrow your search by adding a date, so for example enter 'Olympic mascots 2012' in to the search box.

HOT TIP: see our other entries on the Olympic Games for more information.

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