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Tuatara adaptations

02 Apr 2014

Our Subjects / Ā Mātou Kaupapa:
Animals, Science

How has the tuatara adapted over the last 300 million years?

LEVEL: Intermediate / Secondary

On the Science Learning Hub website there is some great info about tuatara adaptations in New Zealand. Use the search box on the top right of the site and search for tuatara adaptations. There are some great articles that come up that will help explain animal adaptation and evolution.

HOT TIP: We chose Science Learning Hub because it’s from a reputable organisation. You can tell this by their web address – they have .org in their address. They’re also a New Zealand site, so relevant for us. You can trust the information from this site.

There is a really cool video explaining the evolution of the tuatara on Te Ara. To get to it first we need to find the page dedicated to the tuatara. You can do this by searching 'tuatara' in the search box near the top of the page.

There is another way to find the tuatara's page on Te Ara. This way is a little longer but it will show you more of the website as you go, which could be very useful for your homework.

  1. From the home page select 'The Bush.'
  2. A tuatara is a kind of reptile so we want to click on Fish, Frogs and Reptiles.
  3. Now select Tuatara. This will give you the option to read the short story or the long story depending on how much information you want. Click 'read the full story' for the long story.
  4. To find the video about tuatara evolution, click on 'images and media'. This is a yellow tab near the top of the page.
  5. The video is on page two.

HOT TIP: We chose Te Ara because it is from a government organisation (the New Zealand Government). You can tell this by the web address – it has .govt in the address. It is also a New Zealand site, so relevant for us.

Check out the tuatara's entry on Wild Facts by using the search box on the right hand side. Wild Facts is a blog all about mysterious animal behaviour and animal adaptations. It is written by a man with Bachelor of Science degree with a specialisation in Wildlife and Habitat Ecology, so the information is trustworthy.

HOT TIP: Another place to look is Wikipedia which has great coverage of many topics, including the tuatara. But you need to be aware that this information is contributed by lots of different people. If you are using this site, it always pays to check the information against that on other sites or in books from the library.

HOT TIP: To find more general information, see our ManyAnswers entry on the Tuatara here.

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