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Viking medicine

01 May 2013

Our Subjects / Ā Mātou Kaupapa:
Health, History, Society and culture

What did the Vikings use for medicine?

LEVEL: Intermediate/Secondary

I used Carrot2 search engine to begin my search using the keywords "Viking medicine". Carrot2 clusters your search results into topics, so you get a quick overview of what is available. We found this link: Health grooming and medicine in the Viking age from our search, it contains useful information about Viking health and medicine, as well as some tips on their "First Aid" methods. 

HOT TIP: We like this site because it's either from a government organisation (Ministry or Council) Or a reputable organisation. You can tell this by their web address - they have either .org or.govt in their address. This website is run by a group called Hurstwic whose aim is to educate the public on topics relating to the Viking Age.

It appears that herbal remedies were used along with local herbs that grew in the Norse region. Medical treatments consisted of lancing, cleaning wounds, anointing, bandaging, setting broken bones, the preparation of herbal remedies, and midwifery.

Another interesting site we found has a lot of information on medicine used by the Vikings. Scroll down the page until you come to a list of headings, which you can click on for further information.  

Using keywords "Angelica Officinalis" the name of the herb much favoured by the Vikings, you can read about it's healing properties, where it grew and how it was harvested before being turned into medicine.  Everything had to be grown from seed or cutting, harvested at the right time, dried or prepared in the right way to gain maximum benefit for the herb to heal. They couldn't just go to a chemist shop and buy what they needed.

HOT TIP: When searching in Google or another search engine, if you put speech marks " " or ' ' around your search term, the search engine will search for it as a phrase. Very handy if you're looking for something in particular and you know the words will be in that order.

HOT TIP: For more information about the Vikings, check out our ManyAnswers entry on Vikings.

I don't think this website is helpful

Sorry you didn't find it useful Isabella :( There's a lot of info on Viking medicine available through these links, but we'll also have another look online and see if we can find some more good sites.
If you're looking for something in particular try chatting with a librarian on, Monday to Friday 1-6pm :) All the best with your research!
Sargia, AnyQuestions

how many answers are there

no not helpfull
adrian, kis

guys stop being rude I think it's a good, helpful website with good links :)
Rora, Kristin

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